Willow Farm May Day Show

Inc. EQUIFEST and BSPA Qualifiers

May Day Show 2018 | photograph Emmelleffequestrian
Monday 7 May 2018

In hand classes from 9am | Ridden classes not before 1pm | Working Hunter ring from 1.30pm

+++ This show is affiliated to Equifest, taking place at the East of England Showground on the 8–12 August 2018. The two highest exhibits not already qualified in each class will qualify..+++

Entry: £8 per class on the day.


May Day Show 2018| photograph emmelleffequestrian
In Hand Classes from 9am
Judge: Mrs Sheilagh Wilford

  • Class 1: TURNOUT. Open to all. Judged equally on handler, tack, horse/pony and overall impression.
  • Class 2: CONDITION. Open to all. Judged on the condition of horse/pony according to age, type etc.
  • Class 3: SENIOR HANDLER. Handlers 16yrs+ Special award for the oldest combination.
  • Class 4: JUNIOR HANDLER. Handlers 5–15yrs. Special award for the youngest handler.
  • Class 5: VETERAN HORSE OR PONY. For ponies and horses of any breed, exceeding 15yrs old.

Open to in-hand Mountain and Moorland ponies registered with their respective Pure Bred Societies of Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Shetland, Welsh A, B, C & D. Stallion, mare, colt, filly or gelding, any age. This class may be divided as appropriate.

  • Class 6: MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND, small breeds
  • Class 7: MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND, large breeds

Open in-hand piebald/ skewbald stallion, mare, colt, filly or gelding, any age. The first three places will also qualify for the BSPA championships. Subject to their show rules and conditions. Classes may be divided according to entries.

  • Class 9: YOUNGSTOCK. Any breed foals to 3yrs.
  • Class 10 : SHETLANDS and MINIATURES. Any age, not to exceed 42ins at maturity.

In Hand Championships will follow Class 10.

Ridden Classes not before 1pm
Judge: Ms Jo Snelling

  • Class 11: TACK AND TURNOUT. Open. Judged equally on rider, horse/pony, tack and overall impression.
  • Class 12: LEAD REIN AND FIRST RIDDEN. Riders 11yrs and under. All ponies must be ridden in a snaffle bridle and have lead reins attached to the noseband.
  • Class 13: RIDDEN MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND Small breeds. Shetland, Welsh A and B, Exmoor and Dartmoor.
  • Class 14: RIDDEN MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND Large breeds. Fell, Dales, Highland, Welsh C and D, and New Forest.
  • Class 15: RIDDEN HORSE OVER 14.2hh.
  • Class 16: RIDDEN PONY UP TO 14.2hh.
  • Class 17: RIDDEN VETERAN HORSE OR PONY of any breed, exceeding 15yrs old.
  • Class 18: BEST RIDER JUNIOR (under 16yrs)
  • Class 19: BEST RIDER SENIOR (16yrs+)
  • Class 20: RIDDEN COBS AND COLOUREDS. This class to exclude Mountain and Moorland.
  • Class 21: FAMILY PONY. Any breed. to be ridden by one junior and one senior. Junior can be lead.

Ridden Championship will follow Class 21.

May Day Show 2018| photograph emmelleffequestrian
Judge: Mrs Kate Knight

  • Class 22 Novice. Open to any combination never placed in any WH class previously. Jumps not to exceed 40cm. Riders may be led or accompanied.
  • Class 23 Working Hunter Pony not exceeding 14.2hh. Jumps not exceeding 60cm.
  • Class 24 Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter. Any native breed. Jumps not to exceed 70cm
  • Class 25 Working Hunter Horse exceeding 14.2hh. Jumps not to exceed 85cm

Working Hunter Championship follows Class 25.

Show Rules

  1. Competitors ride at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to any equine, property, or person at this show.
  2. Please do not leave horses or ponies unattended
  3. Please remove all litter and droppings from the show field.
  4. Ridden horses and ponies must be a minimum of 4 years old.
  5. Anyone obviously too heavy for their horse or pony or found abusing any horse or pony will be asked to leave.
  6. Please keep dogs on leads and away from the show rings.
  7. All riders must be suitably dressed and wear a standard riding hat (Marked PAS015) with chin strap done up at all times whilst mounted. Also applies to HANDLERS under 18yrs.
  8. Stallions should be handled or ridden by 14yrs plus and be bitted.

The Judges’ decision is final in all matters. Passports may be requested.

Medals to third place, rosettes to sixth in all classes. Sashes to Champion and Reserve in the In Hand, Ridden and Working Hunter Sections.

For more information contact us on Facebook or ring 01754 830316.
Contact number for Show Day only: 07939 369 968 / 07979 888 469

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