Belle on waiting for Christmas

belles-blog-12aWell the Riding Holiday season is over now. I really liked being a holiday pony and to end the season in October with Tatum was awesome. She was so little, but so brave and we did everything together that week.

Now it’s almost Christmas. Santa brought my present early. It’s a HAYBELL but I share it with my two field friends Nevis and Fiddich. I love it. It keeps the hay dry and stops it blowing about – last year I had to keep chasing my pile of hay up the field. Also, if you put your head and neck in as far as you can it is quite cosy and it stops the rain from dripping down your forelock onto your nose. I thought Lora was trying it out as she put her head in too, but then I realised she was just taking a photo of me.

Julie recently remarked on my fluffy winter coat and beard. Yes, it IS a bit embarassing, but Sue says that I have to wait until our Apprentice Abbie finishes her ‘Plaiting, Trimming and Clipping’ Unit as I am going to help her with her Assessment.

I really hope that it’s soon as I am taking part in the 10 Elf Musical Ride Display on 21 December which raises money for the Methodist Chapel, and my tail is dragging on the floor now too. There’s mince pies and mulled wine for people and carrots for ponies that day also.

belles-blog-12bBut the BEST news of the week is that the Skipton Building Society and the Co-op have funded new Arena Mirrors for the Pony Club. They are another reason for me to get tidy and trimmed up, as I keep thinking ‘who is that scruffy pony in the mirror with mud in its mane’ and at the moment I am ashamed to say It’s ME!

Byeeee (and have a good Christmas)
Belle xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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