Belle on – The Start of the Season

belles-blog-14My winter coat is coming out nicely and the sun is shining and I am getting sooooo excited about everything. We all got new stable doorplates the other day. Roo said he wanted 007 on his, but I had to smile to myself when I walked past his stable, and it just said Roo.

Dempsey is taking me to a big show on 12 March at Sheepgate EC. We are doing the Equifest Mountain and Moorland First Ridden, and M+M Novice ridden pony. We have been practising really hard together. Also (sssh – this is top secret) we are doing the Concours D’Elegance Class at the very end of the show. I am having a costume made, well Dempsey is wearing the costume, not me. Sue says I just have to behave and look pretty, but I’m good at that. I can’t tell anyone the colour or what it looks like yet, but I saw Dempsey having a fitting last weekend, and it’s my favourite colour. We have to go in an indoor arena, but I went in one with Kate once, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

We have also had a new Judges box put by our school. When we have Dressage competitions the judges sometimes get wet, so now they have a nice box to sit in. Of course I had to try it out first. I was standing there pretending to be a judge and looking from a judges eye view straight down the centre line, and I could see Roo looking at me from the yard. He then actually winked at me! Goodness me, I’d thought he had grown out of his crush on me. If he thinks there is room for two in here he has the wrong idea completely- two people, but certainly not two ponies!

Byeee Belle

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