Belle on the start of Summer

belles-blog-8Well Pony Club Camp was GREAT but I had to wake Dempsey up every morning by putting my head in her tent. I think I was well behaved, except when we did bareback. Lora said I was a bit over-enthusiastic but Dempsey didn’t fall off.

I’m really tired after Camp because the children kept us awake most of the night, but we have two weeks of quiet now before we have a busy summer. We have ‘own a child days’ where we all get a child of our own to look after for a day. That will be fun. I hope we get to choose which child we want.

We also have a marathon tack clean day which will be good as my bridle isn’t quite as shiney as I like. Perhaps we should have a marathon bath day too, Ive seen some new pony shampoo in a magazine I want to try, and Lora’s horse Parker is filthy (again) – why do boys never wash?

We’ve got a Dog Show coming up in August and the 85th Pony Club Anniversary Summer Show on 9th August. (I’m sooo excited for that). We have a Concours d’elegance class where riders wear dresses – I wish ponies could wear dresses too. Dempsey was in the yellow group at Camp and I think yellow suits me.

We have two French students helping here at the moment, Victoire and Marie-Sophy. Both are lovely and I am learning French now

Le soleil brille et je suis un poney heureux.

Byeeeee Belle

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