Belle on ……………the missing mane

belles-blog-9Uh Oh, I’m now a pony in BIG trouble. Sue entered me for the Pony Club Show on 9 August and an Equifest First Ridden qualifier in September. Yesterday I had a mane, and today………..erm……..its missing.

Its been so hot and I’ve had baths and fly spray and cream on but I’ve been itchy. The boys chewed it a bit, which felt nice, but Sue is furious and says Julie and Kate will be horrified. Euan, one of the Highlands has offered me a bit of his, which was kind, but it is not quite the right colour. None of my herd are now allowed carrots for a whole month, and I’m not a popular pony.

But all the sileage and hay is in now and we have endless acres to canter in. I want to race Parker. I am actually supposed to be working on improving my road-work this month, but after harvest we will have 100s of acres of stubble fields to ride in, so I haven’t done my homework either.

The children have broken up from school, and this week I proudly taught Ella to ride without a leader. I looked after her really well. We played Handy Pony, and I am getting good at apple bobbing (so who cares about carrots anyway).

My end of term report was: This little NF pony could try harder!



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