Belle on old aquaintance

belles-blog-13Well, as we come into the New Year I have my 6th birthday on 23rd of May. This means that I am now a proper holiday pony and will work more weeks than I did last year, and will be able to do more shows too. I hope I get to go jumping with Dempsey at Kenwick indoors. My birthday is in Half Term so I really want a party – I have seen Pony Birthday Parties advertised on the website, so I am sure that means there will be one for me.

This week we had a new arrival. Roo came up from the forest to join the team. Sue says we are both to be ambassadors for the New Forest Pony Breed and one of our first tasks is to make sure everyone has signed the petition to ban speeding motorists in the Forest. So many ponies and donkeys have been killed this year and that is just so so sad. Humans have even left my friends injured in the road and driven off. How can people do that?

When Roo first arrived on the yard it was dark and we were all about to get our hay for the night anyway, so I heard him whinny but didn’t take much notice. I love my hay. The next morning – oh my goodness – I recognised him! His breeders Val and Cathy are friends of Kate and Julie who brought me up as a foal. We used to run the forest together a couple of years ago. HE was the annoying bay pony who had a real crush on me. I told him many times that I could not be seen with a younger gelding, but he followed me around the forest quite often jumping out behind a bush or leaping the ford pretending to be his namesake, just to impress me. Now he has followed me all the way up to Lincolnshire. Thankfully he is just coming up to 5yrs old and younger than me, so I won’t see him much in the school this year.

Lora says he won’t be joining my herd, phew, but will be a friend for Parker at the moment and go out with him.
Well – February Half Term and Easter coming up – bookings are coming in, and I cant wait for the mud to dry up and us all have a brilliant fun year.

Byeee Belle

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