Meet the Ponies

We are sure you will love all our ponies – and if you want to stay extra close to them why not become one of the “Borrowers”? (Each pony has one Borrower, but do ask if your favourite is available )

(Churchmeadow Belle)

12.2hh Reg New Forest Black mare
by Lovelyhill High-Jack. Bred in the New Forest, Belle is a forward going little pony who loves jumping more than anything. She has done some showing with Meg and Jasmine and is now looking for a confident child to be her borrower this year. Sometimes quirky, ideally Belle would like someone to compete her locally in Dressage and Jumping (and also give her a cuddle she added).

BertieBertie (Berti Bassett)

Welsh Sec C pony 13.1hh
Bert is the Jensen Button of the pony world. Will hack for ever, loves speed, loves games, and never puts a hoof wrong. Bert always accompanies all the young ponies out on the road for the first few times, and Instructors will often ride him to lead-rein beginners and small children from, as Bert will happily ride alongside any pony – he is everyone’s friend. A special pony, he was featured in Pony Magazine after a life or death colic operation. He’s a survivor.

Photo © emmelleffCindy
(Rumworth Cindy Sue)

Registered 12.2hh bay Welsh Sec C
Placed in Sec C Lincolnshire All Welsh Show last year in ridden class, and keen to go showing again this year, Cindy loves to jump, whether it be a jumping lesson, a showjumping competition, cross country or Mini One Day Event. Cindy will attempt any height. Cindy’s borrower this year is Lily, and they performed strongly together at the May Day Show.

Photo © emmelleffDylan

13.1hh Chestnut with 4 white stockings, Welsh sec C
In the field, Dylan tries to dominate his group and is, indeed, a bit of a bully, but well behaved in his stable. Very enthusiastic, and forward going, with typical Welsh C extravagant paces, he is quite happy to do a bit of everything – especially liking Pony Club Camp!

Photo © emmelleffFiddy
(Fiddich of Langley)

Registered 14.2hh grey Highland from Langley Stud
Everybody’s favourite pony! Fiddy is a forward going pony who is enthusiastic about everything. Still learning, he has a fantastic bold action, is brave in every situation he finds himself in and generally just loves life! Asked his favourite activity here? Fid couldn’t answer. He said he just loves absolutely everyone and everything. Fiddy has taken on the responsibility of baby sitting the younger ponies out on the roads as he is so cool in any crisis. His borrower in 2016 is Olivia.

Photo © emmelleffJeannie (Jeannie II)

Registered Highland x Shetland grey pony 12.2hh
Jeanie being a Highland cross Shetland pony, has resulted in the best traits of both breeds. Jeannie’s ambition is to be there at the Shetland Grand National one day! Asked about her favourite thing in life, Jeannie answered ‘grass’ but she also loves gymkhana games and being ridden bareback! Jeannie has taught so many children who are just off the lead rein, but can also jump a nice clear round with the older kids (and staff!)

(Themzs Katie Kaos)

Registered 13.2hh grey Welsh
Section B
Katie was the first foal we ever bred. True to her Priestwood/Seaholm breeding she has fantastic paces and is a nice Dressage pony. Not an easy ride, Kate is a favourite of our experienced riders, as she is a bold jumper both over coloured and cross country jumps and has been placed with Dempsey, one of our Riding School pupils, in Working Hunter this year. Katie is looking forward to Pony Club Camp and if you like a challenge Katie will teach you a lot!

Photo © emmelleffMerlin (Caldes Merlins Heath)

Registered Highland 13.2hh
joined the team in 2016. He is related to both Nevis and Fiddich, sharing Langley and Turin Hill bloodlines. He has made an excellent start and is a great favourite with all riders. Merlin has been competed by Lora this year, taking Reserve Ridden Champion in his first show. Merlin has springs when it comes to jumping too, so is a multi talented little pony.


Registered 14.2hh grey Highland
Brought from Scotland with Jeannie as a pair of unbroken youngsters, Mickey is a fantastic all rounder, as good at jumping and dressage as he is hacking out and playing games. Mickey’s favourite activity is getting himself as black and muddy as possible 5 mins before he is due to be ridden, as he just loves being groomed and cuddled. Mickey has a good sense of humour!

Photo © emmelleffNevis (Nevis of Langley)

Registered 14hh grey dun Highland
Another Langley pony, Nevis shares a field with Fiddy, Dylan and Belle (although is forever falling out with Dylan). Nevis is a very pretty pony and says he wants to be a ‘Working Hunter’ please. Although he is happy to be schooled and join in lessons, games and hacks, Nevis dreams of poles, tree trunks, log piles, tyres, showjumps, in fact anything ‘jumpable’ and he is there, first in the queue!

Photo © emmelleffRobbie

13.2hh black New Forest gelding
Robbie, bathed and trimmed for a show is absolutely stunning. Not the easiest ride, he likes a competent, quiet rider, Robbie loves jumping, gets excited at games, musical rides, hacks in woods. Likes showing. Rob had a bad past, and although much is now forgotten, he still likes cuddles and kind words.

(Abercippyn Tamara)

11hh 5yr old palamino Welsh Section A pony
Tammy joined the team in 2015 to help with Junior groups and smaller riders. She has really blossomed and is great in lessons and a star at shows. Tamara will be competing at the Lincolnshire County Welsh Show again this year in both Lead Rein and First Ridden classes.

(Towney Bouncer)

Registered 14.2hh chestnut PB Welsh D
Towney, a chestnut with white spots is quite unique. He seems to gain another spot or two each year. Has Pony Clubbed with Sue’s daughter Jess and competed Prelim Dressage with both Jess and Zoe. Towney is now semi retired, competes in one or two local veteran classes, and teaches younger riders the benefit of his experience. (Although, sssh!, he does have the odd gallop still when Jess is home!)

Photo © emmelleffWesley

14.2hh Haflinger mare.
Wesley was imported from Denmark as a youngster and is kindly on loan to us this year from a family in Coventry. She will be available to the more experienced riders as she is very forward with strong typical Hafflinger paces and a natural jumping ability. Wesley, being such a pretty pony, is sure to be a favourite.

At the beginning of Willow Farm was Amy Jess’s first pony, Grey Sec B 12.2hh. She took Jess through Pony Club and local Shows before going on to teach numerous children to Dressage and jump.

Storm came next a 13.2hh Bay New Forest who taught literally hundreds of children to ride off a lead rein as well as to jump and to hack out safely.

All our ponies retire and spend their last days here – many will also remember Coral, Logan, Sam and Black Jess too.

They are all part of our family and reach a good old age. Amy and Storm were inseparable, Amy died in 2010 aged 28 and Storm at 24 years old in 2013.

Times like this are always sad, but it may be nice to think that Amy and Storm are at last together playing and eating in an enormous grass field in horsey heaven.

Remembering Storm and April