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At Willow Farm we are passionate about ponies.

We welcome children on Riding Holidays to look after, ride, care for and compete a pony as their own for a week. They can also help with other animals, watch chicks hatch and even learn to milk a goat if they wish. Be part of a family, not part of a crowd!

Check out the whole list of our riding holidays for 8- to 16-year-olds.

For local children we are an approved Pony Club Centre who meet weekly. The team prides itself on being the best in Lincolnshire and for two years running we have qualified for the National Finals. A huge THANK YOU to all our loyal members, families and friends. We are – YOU ARE! NAF Five Star Riding Club of the Year. Read more …

We also run Riding Lessons and offer Training to grow and improve your enjoyment of horses.

At the heart of our farm are, of course, our ponies – take a look at them now! Children who fall in love with one particular pony can become a Borrower!!!

Whichever way you connect with Willow Farm, ponies are great fun, they will teach you responsibility, a good work ethic, keep you fit, and make you new friends. Equestrian Sport is one of few where men and women compete equally, where you can take part as a family, and in some form right into your old age. Of course riding is also a fully inclusive sport, open to everyone.

All you have to do is ring us – and join in!! We look forward to meeting you, and making you part of Willow Farm.

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For any enquiries please ring 01754 830316 or contact us on facebook.


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